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Reflections on ‘Thought for the Day’

A decade back, Shiv Khera’s ‘You can Win’ had engulfed me full force. More like, I had it chewed complety.
As I hold the same book now, one possesion amongst a few items I could carry across seas, countries & continents because it meant a lot to me, I am travelling down the memory lane! And very nostalgically.

I feel a little sad too at NOT being as passionate of it as then.
The highlighted excerpts, page after page of this very book had motivated me to use them as ‘ Thought for the Day’, to young minds during the morning assembly.
Today, I wonder if even one single soul remembers a piece of those hundreds of motivating passages from ‘You Can Win’ .
I have come a long way from that idealistic state, I guess. Times have changed and with it my own thoughts. Rather, I am having to examine my perceptions, expectations of what is, what ought to be or ought to have have been!

I do not regret then because it was part of my job as a teacher to help mould the young minds to the extent possible. I however, do wonder how those impressionable young minds have turned out to be!

I hope they all are headed towards the boardrooms;
not breaking backs at warehouses;
Formulating policies and solving problems; not struggling to keep the ends meet!
Sleeping peacefully at night;  having worked for a better tomorrow!
Socially, mentally and physically alert;  not afflicted by the ills of today;                                                         Understand that rights come with responsibilities;  not be arrogant to take freedom for granted;        Responsible & dependable citizens;  not a far cry from what their mornings had promised!

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Geography of vocabulary….

As I reach outside the manager’s office, three of my coworkers  appear and stand behind me. Amongst them was the Controller of the company.  In a way of making some small  talk,  I ask if  all of us  were in “queue” to see the manager.
Everyone looks blankly at me as if I am speaking some kind of gibberish language.
The controller in particular tells me every one was in  the “line” to see the manager, yes!

I go in since I was the first one to be outside the door.  The office manager looks up at me questioningly. I was there to let her know that the ‘franking machine’ was blinking ‘low fund’ .

She asks me, ‘ what is?’

I reply, ‘the stamp machine?’

She laughs, ‘ oh that!’

And the journey continues………..